Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Trump vents anger on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, European Union and Canada's Trudeau

Trump vents anger on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, European Union and Canada's Trudeau

Trump agreed with the language in the communique from the summit in Canada Friday and Saturday, but took offense at criticism of US tariffs by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at his news conference after Trump left early.

'I used language that was inappropriate and basically lost the power of that message, ' says Navarro.

Bruce Heyman, a former US ambassador to Canada, tweeted that Mr. Navarro should "formally and publicly apologize to Justin Trudeau and more importantly the Canadian people for his insulting and inappropriate remarks".

Trudeau promised retaliatory measures against US tariffs on Saturday evening after the summit, a move Navarro called "nothing short of an attack on our political system".

Trump called Trudeau "dishonest" and "weak" in tweets following the summit on Saturday.

The stern statement prompted nearly immediate backlash from Trump, who abruptly removed the USA from a joint G7 communiqué he had backed just hours earlier "based on Justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that Canada is charging massive tariffs to our US farmers, workers and companies".

Trump and his inner circle were irked by Justin Trudeau's comments to media that Canada would not be "pushed around" by the us and will respond in kind to tariffs slapped on steel and aluminum on the "insulting" grounds of national security.

The Canadian leader did not directly respond to Navarro's comments, but Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland called the remarks not "particularly appropriate or useful" later Sunday.

The United States has imposed 25 per cent tariffs on steel from Canada, Mexico and the European Union, and 10 per cent tariffs on aluminum.

Trump later accused Trudeau of making "false statements" and tweeted that the Canadian leader was "very dishonest & weak" during negotiations.

After Mr Trump left a tense G7 summit early, Mr Trudeau said he would answer U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium with retaliatory tariffs against United States products next month.

Trump advisers also took up the attack in appearances on Sunday's news shows, leveling more withering and unprecedented criticism against Trudeau, branding him a back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time. "And I see the television, and he's giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the United States. That's going to cost him a lot of money", he said.

"We are being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries", Trump said Tuesday of the G-7.

Trudeau had said Canadians "are polite, we're reasonable, but also we will not be pushed around". "He'll learn, he can't do that", Trump said.

"Sometimes when we think about tariffs, when we think about a trade war, we lose sight of the real impact, and that's on workers", Singh told a news conference on Parliament Hill.

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