Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Uber submits patent to detect drunken app users

Uber submits patent to detect drunken app users

"The system uses the data about past trips to train a computer model to predict a user state of a user submitting a trip request".

It also looks at how many times they tap on the Uber app, exactly where they tap, their walking speed and how long it takes for them to request a ride. It also calculates the time the rider has interacted with the Uber app.

The company has reportedly applied for a patent for a piece of technology that would use machine learning to identify drunk customers.

A new patent application suggests Uber is exploring identifying drunk passengers with artificial intelligence.

Users that are drunk may also be presented with an alternative, easy-to-use version of the app.

Uber may want to give their drivers more complete information as to how intoxicated their passengers are, if they are sound of mind and allow drivers to compare behavior from one ride to another, according to a patent filed recently.

It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers.

A tech that can tell if a passenger is drunk could help drivers avoid dealing with customers that are out-of-control or start puking in their cars. "Therefore, it is desirable to minimize impact of such safety incidents in travel coordination systems", Uber states in the application.

Uber plans to use as data gathering tools motion sensors, device angle sensors, GPS, and touch sensors built into a screen.

Uber's patents said that the company's VR system will address this issue.

According to Uber, knowing whether a rider is drunk or exhausted could help prevent issues with a trip.

Image: Uber.What does this mean for passengers and drivers?

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