Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Voters weigh heft of Trump backing in SC primary

Voters weigh heft of Trump backing in SC primary

Voters head to the polls for Tuesday's primary to decide which candidates will face off for congressional and Senate seats in November.

In the 6th District, which includes the Republican-leaning Shenandoah Valley, four Democrats - Sergio A. Coppola II, Jennifer Lynn Lewis, Peter J. Volosin and Charlotte Ann Moore - are running for the open seat now held by retiring Republican Bob Goodlatte.

The Democratic candidates have a challenge getting voters to remember their names.

Republican Catherine Templeton and Democrat Marguerite Willis are vying to become South Carolina's governor, though both face long odds of emerging victorious in their primaries.

It's a question that remains on voters' minds ahead of November: A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that 48 percent of voters - and more than 50 percent of voters in competitive congressional districts like Comstock's - are more likely to support a congressional candidate promising to check Trump. Scott Surovell, left, and Sen, Lynwood Lewis. He is running unopposed in the Democratic primary. Trump has appeared with Heitkamp, and she was the only Democrat invited to the White House for the signing of the banking law. When he took office, Trump selected then-Gov.

But this year, some Nevada Democrats who normally wouldn't vote in the midterms say they are turning out to make their voices heard.

"With Trump, it will be so much more hard for Comstock this time", he said. Although Brat is still favored for re-election, he's a prime target for progressives and the seat is perceived as more vulnerable than ever before, according to the Richmond Ties-Dispatch.

Paul Pelletier, another Democratic candidate in the race who spent 27 years as a prosecutor, has taken a similar position, telling his hometown paper in MA that "there's enough evidence for the House to investigate".

Florence attorney Marguerite Willis, who has said she was driven into the race by "the racist, sexist president of the United States", has argued that a woman is needed to take on the good-old-boy network and fight for better lives for women and the poor.

"Congress isn't honoring their constitutional responsibility to oversight and accountability", she said.

"I'm prepared to make that vote but I'm not prepared to make a vote on something I haven't read", she said.

Infectious disease scientist Julia Biggins pointed to her unique experience in her campaign video.

The objective is to ensure that officials are elected with an outright majority when there are three or more candidates, and to elevate those with the widest appeal.

What do the current absentee voting totals tell us? "But if there are areas that we can work together, I'd love to be able to work together".

She also liked numerous tweets critical of President Donald Trump and responded favorably to an article on the success of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Small business owner and former chief of staff on Capitol Hill Lindsey Davis Stover said her struggle to pay off student debts gives her important perspective.

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