Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Watch the moment a man helps himself to a £26,000 Banksy artwork

Watch the moment a man helps himself to a £26,000 Banksy artwork

Surveillance footage released by authorities yesterday shows a person with a covered face gingerly entering the gallery and scuttling off with the work-titled Trolley Hunters, 2007-in tow.

The disappearance of Trolley Hunters was discovered after police responded to a call over an alleged break-in at the exhibit site in the city's west end on Sunday.

An original print by the famous graffiti artist Banksy was stolen from a Toronto art exhibit over the weekend, with the theft caught on camera.

It bears mentioning that this isn't the first time the Toronto exhibit - billed as "the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled!" - has drawn widespread attention of the less-than-positive variety.

The work in question is called Trolley Hunters, a satirical image of Neanderthal-ish men hunting a shopping cart.

The artist's work has a broad appeal, Lazarides said.

Banksy art piece stolen from art exhibit in Toronto. "The incident was reported to the police who are now investigating the disappearance", confirmed Corey Ross, president of Starvox Exhibits, in a statement Thursday.

A man can be seen on video making his way through the door and into the exhibit, reports Daily Mail.

And Toronto police are taking the matter very seriously and are looking for suspects.

The exhibition, which runs until July 11, is said to contain some $35 million of the artist's work. It is curated by the mysterious street artist's former agent Steve Lazarides, who worked with Banksy for 10 years.

Banksy artworks often appear overnight, but they don't tend to disappear, as a print from an exhibition in Canada has done.

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