Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

At Trump-Putin Summit, Issues Are Complex

At Trump-Putin Summit, Issues Are Complex

"I don't see any reason why it would be", President Trump said, standing at podium side-by-side with the Russian president during a joint press conference Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

President Donald Trump said he addressed the Kremlin's interference in US elections in a Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin on Monday and the Russian leader proposed "an interesting idea" in response. Trump said he and Putin "spent a great deal of time" discussing allegations of Russian election meddling as they met for several hours Monday. "He feels strongly about the issue and has an interesting idea", Trump told a joint news conference with Putin in the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Once again, Trump criticized the Democrats for an effort to "resist and obstruct" before addressing the major elephant in the room, Russian interference in the elections. The Russian agents are accused of hacking email accounts controlled by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign and publicizing messages.

Putin added: "I did hear these rumours". Trump has said he wants to bring them home, but is also wary of continued Iranian forces in the Syria supporting Assad. Mr. Trump said he addressed the issue "directly with President Putin".

The man held a sign that reportedly said "Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty". The Russian leader offered to interrogate the indicted Russian officials with Mueller's staff present, but only if the USA interrogates American law enforcement and intelligence officials with Russians present about their "illegal actions" in Russia.

Mr Putin, basking in congratulations from Mr Trump and other world leaders for the successful staging of the World Cup in Russian Federation, said: "The time has come to talk in a substantive way about our relations and problem areas of the world". I hope so. I have been saying, and Im sure youve heard over the years, as I campaigned, that getting along with Russian Federation is a good thing, not a bad thing. "The probe in a disaster for our country". And I think we can hopefully do something about that. He nodded along to some of Trump's remarks before they were translated, showcasing his fluency in English. "So, we'll be talking about that among other things". Before they left, one reporter shouted a question about Russia's involvement in the USA election. While President Trump spoke for some time and Putin stayed largely quiet, the body language between the two presidents illustrated their respective styles going into the meeting. According to Russian officials, the meetings before the meal lasted two hours and ten minutes. After those meetings, the American and Russian groups participated in a working lunch with both presidents. Bob Corker of Tennessee said Trump made the US "look like a pushover".

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