Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Lebanese Tourist Sentenced to 8 Years for Insulting Egypt in Facebook Video

Lebanese Tourist Sentenced to 8 Years for Insulting Egypt in Facebook Video

The Egyptian Misdemeanor court has sentenced Lebanese tourist Mona al-Mazbouh on Saturday to eight years in prison for posting a Facebook video defaming Egypt, as stated by her lawyer on Reuters.

Mazbouh was arrested early June in Cairo Airport after a video she posted on Facebook went viral.

He presented to the court documents and a Lebanese magazine, where an ad was published to raise funds for Mazbouh to undergo a brain operation, and pointed out that his client cannot control her emotions as a result of these neurological disorders. Kamal also said that his client struggles to control her anger and also deals with depression as the result of a 2006 surgery that removed a clot from her brain.

During her tirade, Mazbouh called Egypt a lowly, dirty country and Egyptian men pimps and women prostitutes.

Mazbouh later posted an apology video, saying "I definitely didn't mean to offend all Egyptians".

According to a report by The Times of Israel, the accused Mona el-Mazbouh was originally sentenced for 11 years in prison.

A Lebanese tourist has been jailed in Egypt for complaining of sexual harassment and living conditions in Egypt.

The court found her guilty of deliberately spreading false rumors that would harm society, attacking religion and public indecency, sources told Reuters.

"This sentence for insulting Egyptians is very cruel and is disproportionate for the crime she committed", said one Facebook user. "It is in the context of the law, but the court was applying the maximum penalty", Kamal said, Al Jazeera reported.

Mona's lawyer Imad Kamal said that ten years ago she underwent brain surgery, then it's hard for her to cope with anger.

A lawyer for Mazbouh lodged an appeal against the verdict and a hearing will be held on July 29, an official in the prosecutor's office said.

Mazbouh fiercely criticized the way she had been treated, claiming she was "harassed by taxi drivers and men in the street".

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