Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

'Possible serial killer': Parolee nabbed in string of murders

'Possible serial killer': Parolee nabbed in string of murders

The caller spotted a Nissan Sentra that authorities had earlier said was being driven by Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, 46, a felon who spent decades in prison before being released previous year.

The vehicle is believed to be the one Rodriguez was driving when he lead police on the chase Tuesday morning.

"At this point I would have to say that from all evidence what we're seeing so far, that's what we're facing right now - a possible serial killer", said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

And then on Monday, the body of Edward Magana, an employee at a Mattress One store in Houston, was found. Magana had been shot to death, police said.

Rodriguez is possibly linked to at least three killings; the robbery and shooting of a Houston city bus driver; and a home invasion last week.

"He's been on a rampage in a series of murders", Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

"He's a parole absconder and so he cut his monitor just a matter of days ago", Chief Acevedo says. He's been hit with two capital murder charges and a third is expected.

The pursuit ended just before 7 a.m. CT near Houston's Hastings Green neighborhood with Jose Rodriguez, 46, in the same dark gray Nissan Sentra that authorities had been searching for.

A Clikc2Houston cameraman happened to capture the moment that police caught up with Rodriguez.

A 28-year-old Mattress Firm employee named Allie Barrow was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound in the back of her head Saturday.

His latest alleged crimes exposed failure by local law enforcement to pursue the parolee for violating the terms of his release from prison.

Authorities discovered her dead in her home Friday after her family reported they were unable to reach her.

Rodriguez also took off with Johnson's PT Cruiser, which he subsequently dumped in the parking lot of the Willowbrook Mall.

Rodriguez allegedly kicked off his crime spree by breaking into an occupied home July 9. Her body was found after her brother called police to conduct a welfare check because she had not been answering her phone.

The sheriff said it was possible that Rodriguez was "casing the neighbourhood in search of his next victim". Authorities say the woman's vehicle was seen being driven by Rodriguez shortly after.

Mattress Firm closed its Houston-area stores Tuesday to assess safety measures. Investigators reviewed the mall surveillance cameras, which showed a person of interest pulling up in the auto and then abandoning it in the parking lot.

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