Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

9th gen Intel Core processors leak: everything you need to know

9th gen Intel Core processors leak: everything you need to know

Details about Intel's new flagship chips have already leaked, but it's still too early to say when they'll be available to end users. The chips are from Intel's long-rumored ninth-generation Core processor family, and CPU-Z's latest update practically confirms its existence with potential information discovered about the lineup.

The exact release window of these CPUs still remains unclear, although a recent leak indicated a possible October release of the 9900K, 9700K, and 9600K. Finally there's the Core i5-9600K offering six cores and six threads with a base frequency of 3.7GHz boosting to 4.6GHz for one core.

Intel's soon the be most high-end desktop processor the Core i9-9900K is the same 8-core part, yet now with HyperThreading enabled (16-threads).

The Core i7-9700K, on the other hand, would be the first mainstream 8 core processor. Intel notably launched the Core i9-8950HK as the first Core i9 processor for notebooks in April, following the the high-end desktop Core i9 models as part of its Core X-series past year. The chip features 16MB of L3 cache, Intel UHD 620 graphics, and 95W TDP. Please refer to the table for the turbo speeds with regard to the Core i7-9700K. Four cores can run together at 4.8GHz, and it can utilise 6 or all physical cores and still achieve 4.7GHz.

Multiple motherboard vendors have confirmed that upcoming 9000-series of Intel processors will be compatible with existing Z3xx series motherboards.

As WCCFTech reports, sources are reporting that Intel intends to launch the 9th gen desktop processors on Oct 1.

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