Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Repeatedly Punch Man

Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Repeatedly Punch Man

The police said in a statement they began receiving videos of the incident "almost immediately" after it took place just before noon on Saturday.

Vanessa Herring, a reporter for Baltimore NBC-affiliate WBAL, tweeted a video sent to her by a friend of McGrier's showing the June 26 incident.

McGrier, who was not charged over the Saturday incident, remains in a hospital. "And this was a brutal attack that was degrading and demeaning to my client, to that community, and to the police department".

"We are working day and night to bring about a new era of community-based, Constitutional policing and will not be deterred by this or any other instance that threatens our efforts to reestablish trust of all citizens in the Baltimore Police Department", she said.

The officer, whose name has not been released, has worked for the Baltimore Police Department for just over a year, police said.

"He is charged with assaulting that officer then, and so here this officer now is like, you know, going after him", Brown said.

"Two officers encountered a man, whom one of the officers is familiar with", police said. The cop followed McGrier to the ground and pinned him down with his arm across his neck.

Brown said that in both the June arrest and the incident on Saturday, the officer targeted McGrier without justification.

The Baltimore Police Commissioner, Gary Tuggle, issued a statement, saying that he was "disturbed" by the video. "The officer involved has been suspended while we investigate the totality of this incident".

A federal investigation a year ago found Baltimore law enforcement has patterns of excessive use of force, racial profiling, and unconstitutional policing. I am in close contact with interim commissioner Tuggle who has not only suspended the officer in question but has launched an immediate investigation into the full circumstances of this encounter.

Baltimore is still dealing with the aftermath of the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, who died in custody a week after a police encounter. The city has agreed to a federal consent decree, which imposes rules on policing and requires monitoring of the agencys activities.

The consent decree also required the creation of an independent team of experts to monitor the police departments compliance.

The Baltimore police union did not return a call seeking comment Sunday. "Stevie Wonder could see that this police was definitely over-aggressive", Williams said. Lt. Gene Ryan, the unions president, told the Baltimore Sun that "at first view" of the video, it showed "inexcusable behavior" on the officers part. Nonetheless, the officer threw at least 10 punches at McGrier's face in about a 12-second span. Brown said he has scheduled a Monday news conference to discuss plans for filing a complaint against the officer. "Long term, we need to be investing in our communities and recruiting police officers who have the temperament, tools, and training to keep us safe without resorting to unnecessary violence".

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the incident occurred outside of Q's Bar and Liquors in East Baltimore.

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