Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Dez Bryant on Browns visit: WR says he's coming to Cleveland

Dez Bryant on Browns visit: WR says he's coming to Cleveland

Indeed, reports emerged late in July that Bryant is being choosy about who he plays for next, but his tweets last night indicate interest in a team that didn't win a game previous year.

"Maybe he's still thinking about other stuff", Dorsey told

Bryant even shared that he "wouldn't mind playing for the Browns". "I've got this. Next week I want to go visit the Browns".

The first date isn't set just yet, and if the two sides decide to consummate the relationship remains to be seen.

Browns fans quickly lit up Bryant's mentions after news of Dorsey's remarks hit social media, prompting him to tweet that "For real".

A couple of hours later, Bryant had reconsidered and tweeted his decision that he was "starting my visits next week", including with Cleveland.

"I actually did talk with Mr Dorsey", he wrote on Twitter.

It seems, though, that Bryant is starting to run out of time to land with a team.

However, Bryant tweeted on Thursday that he is still planning to play for a team this season - just that he's going to do it on his schedule.

Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said he believes Bryant will play in the National Football League this season.

"I spent 8 years in Dallas.I finally get to actually enjoy my babies.I get to heal properly", he continued.

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