Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Here's how Fallout 76 character creation and customization work

Here's how Fallout 76 character creation and customization work

One of the biggest reveals involves player griefing and a new "wanted murderer" status.

"Fallout 76" game director Todd Howard explained at QuakeCon 2018 how the game will deal with griefers, or players who will make the experience worse for others. You can also switch on a "pacifist mode" for your weapons to prevent them from dealing any damage against fellow players, reducing the chances of accidentally picking a fight.

How will Bethesda retain the quality quests the series is known for within a multiplayer format. One of the most anticipated but also most doubted of the pack is Fallout 76, an online survival version of the widely popular franchise. That player becomes a red star that appears on everyone's map and there's a bounty on their head.

Those who kill offending players can collect huge bonuses and other rewards once they complete the bounty. Doing so gives players the opportunity to get double the rewards, if they're successful on a second attempt.

The cards will come in a bundle not unlike trading card games and, like the physical version, have an element of randomness to them. For example, Howard and co showed off a card that increases your melee damage by a percentage increment. You can also upgrade existing perks when you level up, ramping up their power, but also increasing their point cost. There will be a perk system in the form of cards that can grant additional skills that you can switch on the fly and even share with others. But don't worry, they aren't Fallout 76's version of the controversial loot boxes, as they are given to players only on certain levels and can't be bought, whether in-game or with real-world money. Fallout 76 compensates for the level difference so neither player feels over or underpowered, but the low level player does stand to gain more should they win the engagement. "You get them when you level up, every two levels - two, four, six, eight, ten - then after that, every five levels".

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