Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
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Man Arrested After Car Crashes Into Barrier Outside UK Parliament

Man Arrested After Car Crashes Into Barrier Outside UK Parliament

Armed police, paramedics, and firefighters rushed to Westminster during the morning rush hour and cordoned off a large area. He was wearing a black puffer jacket and led away in handcuffs. Masood was then killed himself after armed police arrived at the scene.

"Officers are searching the vehicle and no other weapons have been found at this time. There was a loud bang from the collision and a bit of smoke", Ewelina Ochab told the AP.

"It was a woman, they were clearly quite injured, they weren't moving and they were in the recovery position".

"He made no attempt to slow down as he hit the cyclists", said Robert Nicholson, 36, who was on his way to work.

"At 07:37hrs today, Tuesday 14 August, a auto was in collision with barriers outside the Houses of Parliament. The male driver of the auto was detained by officers at the scene", Scotland Yard said in a statement.

Police say they are lifting cordons that had sealed off much of London's Westminster government district after a auto crashed into Parliament, injuring three people.

Westminster was about to become the scene of another vicious attack with Khalid Ali, 28, plotting to carry out an assault on police officers and MPs at Parliament in April. "We will issue further info when we have it", London's police force said in a statement on Twitter.

A CROWD of pedestrians has been injured after they were hit by a vehicle outside the British Houses of Parliament at Westminster in London.

Driving vehicles into pedestrians had been a feature of terror attacks in London in 2017. Masood abandoned his vehicle and then stabbed and killed a police officer before being shot dead in a courtyard outside Parliament.

Armed police on Victoria Embankment in Westminster.

"I was told to move and started to run", he said.

A still from the video, broadcast by the BBC.

"I've seen people, about 10, on the road, lying down, but I haven't seen any fatalities", Williams said. "I heard some noise and someone screamed", she said. A video showing police vehicles crowding the auto quickly went viral on Twitter.

Another witness, Ewelina Ochab, said the auto did not appear to have a front registration plate. The whole of Whitehall is also shut to traffic, with the cordon extending all the way up to Trafalgar Square.

Westminster station is closed for entry and exit, Transport for London said, and is open only for interchange between lines.

Police said no one was in a life-threatening condition as a result of the incident.

"Cordons are in place to assist the investigation".

The crash echoes a deadly incident at nearby Westminster Bridge a year ago.

Bus driver Victor Ogbomo, 49, was driving passengers past the front of Westminster when he saw the crash.

"It was a small silver vehicle and he hit it at such speed the auto actually lifted off the ground and bounced".

Three people were hurt when a speeding auto struck pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into a barrier at Parliament on Tuesday morning.

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