Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Michael Wilbon Rips Jalen Ramsey For Quarterback Trash Talk

Michael Wilbon Rips Jalen Ramsey For Quarterback Trash Talk

GQ asked him for his thoughts on every National Football League quarterback, and while he calls guys like Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen "trash" and says Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco "sucks", he was quite kind to Dak Prescott of the Cowboys.

And what about his guy, Blake Bortles?

I think Matt Ryan's overrated. "He reminds me of Jimmy Garoppolo a little bit".

Two years later, Rodgers still has Ramsey's respect, which is apparently quite hard to earn - and keep. He called Allen "trash" and "a stupid draft pick". I played him twice past year, and he really disappointed me. "So I don't think he'll get picked up". I don't think he the best quarterback out there. He fits that mold, he's a big, tall quarterback.

Ramsey ranted about almost every quarterback in the league in his interview, but didn't have all bad words to say. He says straight-up that he doesn't know much about the Miami Dolphins quarterback, but adds that what he's heard isn't good. He didn't beat us. It was literally all schemes. It was their fullback and their tight end on over routes. The 23-year-old, who manages to get under opponents' skin every time he's on the field - just ask Bengals receiver A.J. Green - is now serving a one-week suspension for profanities and a threat aimed at media members following a scuffle among teammates. Never mind that Ramsey's observations might be pretty accurate, they're a distraction that won't help overcome the impression that the team has left on one unnamed AFC assistant coach.

But if someone were to guess what Ramsey might say about Bradford, it might be something like this: "Who?"

Ramsey would get plenty of looks at Cousins this week during Jacksonville's open practices with the Vikings, but he's suspended for the week after getting into a scuffle last week.

"The greatest threat the Jaguars face", Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman writes, "is believing their own hype".

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