Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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Multiple people hospitalized after softball-sized hail hits Colorado Springs, Colorado

Multiple people hospitalized after softball-sized hail hits Colorado Springs, Colorado

The storm damaged 400 cars in the parking lot as well, the zoo estimated.

"It was hail the size I've never seen before", said Jenny Koch, marketing director of the zoo, to The Denver Post.

The Zoo is now closed and will remain closed through the day Tuesday so the staff can look at the damage and work on recovery from the storm.

The massive hailstones rained down on the Colorado Springs zoo's visitors and animal exhibits - and sent crowds scattering for cover.

Eight people were taken from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to the hospital with injuries sustained from hail, according to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

A powerful storm that pummeled a busy Colorado zoo with large hail injured 14 people.

A duck and a vulture were killed at the zoo by the hail storm.

A 4-year-old muscovy duck named Daisy and a 13-year-old cape vulture named Motswari were killed.

There were about 3,400 guests at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Monday afternoon.

Tennis ball-sized hail killed two animals at a Colorado zoo on Monday, as well as damaged cars and injured a number of people.

About 3,400 people were at the zoo at the time, and dozens of vehicles in the parking lot were damaged. A flash flood warning was also issued for southern Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

The Broadmoor Hotel and resort also was pounded by hail, and staff members are assessing the damage.

Authorities say at least eight people were hospitalized after being hit by large hail at a zoo in southern Colorado.

Hail as large as baseballs fell near Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Monday afternoon.

Several children who were attending the zoo camp on Monday weren't hurt, according to a tweet from the Fire Department.

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