Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school

NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school

On Wednesday, the NCAA made its long-promised, much-ballyhooed foray into reducing corruption within its college basketball ranks.

Players invited to the annual NBA Draft Combine would also be able to enter the draft and return to school with eligibility intact if they go undrafted.

They'll also be allowed to be represented by agents, in college and, for some, as high school prospects.

Pending a decision by the NBA and its players' union, high school players can be represented by an agent beginning July 1 before their senior year, if the player has been identified as an elite senior prospect by USA Basketball.

Student-athletes can now take up to 15 official visits, which begins August 1 before their junior year.

"This change is effective if/when the NBA and NBPA make an expected rule change, which would make undrafted student-athletes who return to college after the draft ineligible for the NBA until the end of the next college basketball season", the NCAA wrote. On the other hand, those players will be allowed to take more official visits to campuses, which the schools will pay for. Athletes returning to school would have to demonstrate need for assistance.

However, the agents must be certified by the NCAA.

The Rice Commission announced its recommendations in April, laying out a future of the sport that looked to eliminate the type of malfeasance that attracted a federal investigation.

The initial response was that it appeared as though, for the first time in a long time, the NCAA had done something good that benefits the players.

In addition, there have also been changes to the current recruiting rules.

"We will review the NCAA's planned reforms and continue to assess, along with our Players' Association, the potential for any related NBA rules changes", Frank said.

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