Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Note 9 leak may have just unveiled the whole package

Note 9 leak may have just unveiled the whole package

Ahead of its official launch on August 9 in NY, a few latest updates of the Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 has been doing the rounds on the Internet. We're expecting a 4000mAh battery inside of the Galaxy Note 9, up from the smaller 3300mAh battery which should provide the "powerful all-day battery" that Samsung is teasing.

Fortnite for Android could possibly be launching this week exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9, according to Dataminers. The devices with those code-names are the many variants of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

There have even been rumours to suggest the new S Pen may have motion sensors allowing it to double as a gaming controller while the Note 9 sits locked into a VR headset. But it's the new S Pen that really excites. Epic has already confirmed that the game won't be available through Google Play; you'll need to download it from Epic instead. This also prevents other Samsung devices from running the game, and could confirm reports that Fortnite will offer new control options for devices with S Pen functionality.

The Galaxy Note 9 is set to launch on August 9, and the current version of the Fortnite Android APK is 5.2 which is rolling out across all versions of the game later this week, suggesting the title might be launching on the platform this week. The Galaxy Note 9 will also support stereo speakers and earphone tuned by AKG. With a standard S Pen check, it could also mean that the game would be playable on older Note devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 eventually.

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