Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

Public housing nationwide goes smoke-free on Tuesday

Public housing nationwide goes smoke-free on Tuesday

The ban includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and water pipe tobacco (hookahs).

Starting Tuesday, July 31, smoking will be prohibited in public housing across Tennessee and the U.S. But just one violation "is not grounds for eviction", and smoking on public housing premises is a civil violation, not a crime, the agency said in setting guidelines for local enforcement.

The ban was passed under the Obama administration in November 2016. Each agency may also choose to ban electronic or e-cigarettes.

"Eliminating smoking indoors and close to buildings is the only way to fully protect people from secondhand smoke", the department states in the release.

The smoking ban is an effort to improve air quality and quality of life for those living in public housing.

"Residents have been required to sign new leases acknowledging the new policy and staff will continue to provide smoking cessation program information to residents as requested", Lemons said.

As of Monday, smoking is not allowed inside NYCHA apartments, inside common areas, and within 25 feet of the buildings.

"In addition to protecting residents and employees from secondhand smoke, smoke-free policies create healthy environments that encourage people who smoke to quit or attempt to reduce smoking", the department continued. According to the HUD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated housing agencies can save more than $100 million if a smoke free policy was implemented.

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