Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Samsung CEO: Note9's battery is safe, phone will outsell its predecessor

Samsung CEO: Note9's battery is safe, phone will outsell its predecessor

But people are paying that much for one, considering the Galaxy Note 8 was that price a year ago, and so was the iPhone X. It would have been a nice gesture if Samsung had still made a 64GB model here and offered it around $850, giving those that want a Galaxy Note 9 a slightly cheaper option, without watering down the "premium" aspect of the Galaxy Note 9. Closer to home, consumers are now able to place their pre-order for the phone through various parties including telcos such as Celcom. While that might seem silly, it actually provides some pretty interesting features for the Galaxy Note 9. For the most part, all four plans have a lot in common. At 4,000 mAh capacity, the battery should deliver impressive battery life, and great battery life is one Note 9 feature that Samsung teased before at the launch event.

Samsung has finally revealed the next Galaxy Note series phone to the world and with it the most monumental evolution of the phablet's iconic S Pen we've seen to date. Thus, if the owners of the Galaxy Note 9 you buy a memory card of 512 GB, and their smartphone was bought in top modifications, the total amount of free space will be at the level of 1 TB, this is a record for any mobile device. For instance, use Galaxy Note9 and SmartThings to control connected devices, or get more done with Bixby5, a personalized, intelligent assistant.

Instead of giving would-be Note 9 buyers the best of both worlds-the highest-end hardware with the freshest software-Samsung's latest handset runs the same version of Android that Pixel users downloaded more than eight months ago. Your monthly bill will be RM188, and the price of the device will be RM999.

The phone also has a much larger 4000mAhr battery to give longer operating times.

Samsung might be benchmarking its rival Apple's pricing strategy in the U.S. market, some analysts say.

When Will The Galaxy Home Be Available? The Galaxy Note 9 packs 2 types of chipsets.

Koh also said the stylus pen of the Galaxy Note smartphones will continue to evolve further down the road.

And there's no excuse for the Galaxy Note 9 to not be among them. That should mean that the audio quality coming out of the Galaxy Home will be better than your average smart speaker.

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