Published: Fri, August 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump’s grand military parade postponed until next year

Trump’s grand military parade postponed until next year

"It was one of the greatest parades I've ever seen", Trump told reporters.

"We originally targeted November 10, 2018 for this event but have now agreed to explore opportunities in 2019".

The parade had been planned for Veterans Day but Pentagon spokesperson Col. Rob Manning said Thursday, without explanation, that organizers would "explore opportunities in 2019". The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss early planning estimates that have not yet been finalised or released publicly.

A military parade requested by U.S. President Donald Trump could cost more than $90 million (70.78 million pounds), a U.S. official said, citing provisional planning figures, almost three times an earlier White House estimate.

Officials said the parade plans had not yet been approved by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Trump had originally come up with the idea of a parade celebrating America's military might after being wowed by France's Bastille Day parade a year ago.

Earlier today, NBC reported the costs of the parade had skyrocketed. A new estimate from the department found that the parade was going to cost almost $100 million - an outrageous price tag for what amounts to a vanity project for history's most insecure president.

The cost of the parade, scheduled for November 10 in Washington, was initially reported as $12 million, and was based on the cost of the victory parade held in the capital after the 1991 Gulf War, said the officials.

The Department of Defense and its interagency partners have updated their perspective cost estimates for the parade, according to a US defense official with firsthand knowledge of the assessment.

Before the postponement announcement, Lietutenant-Colonel Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, would only say that Defence Department planning for the parade "continues and final details are still being developed".

A memo at the time said no tanks would be used so as not to damage the roads of the nation's capital. Big, heavy tanks could tear up streets in the District of Columbia.

Such large parades have been rare in recent USA history, though the George H.W. Bush administration staged a military parade in Washington in 1991 after the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War.

The White House would have been consulted on the decision to postpone the parade, the official said.

"The American Legion appreciates that our president wants to show in a dramatic fashion our nation's support for our troops".

The American Legion's national commander, Denise H. Rohan, issued a statement that said the parade money would be better spent on funding the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"We're going to have to try to top it", Trump reportedly joked to Macron at the UN General Assembly in September.

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