Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump Supporter Rand Paul Goes to Moscow, Invites Russian Officials to Washington

Trump Supporter Rand Paul Goes to Moscow, Invites Russian Officials to Washington

His summit with Putin in Helsinki was their first full-fledged meeting since Trump took office in January 2017.

On the second trip by U.S. politicians to the Russian capital in just over a month, the delegation is this time being led by high-profile Republican lawmaker senator Rand Paul.

The Kentucky Republican said it was agreed that a delegation of council members would visit the us capital. Republicans spoke to their foreign counterparts in July, ahead of the Helsinki summit, to discuss several issues including Russian meddling in US elections.

The invitation comes at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Moscow, with lawmakers pushing legislation that would levy additional sanctions on Russian Federation for election meddling.

The senator, once a foe of the president, has emerged as a unique and somewhat renegade voice, coming as both Republicans and Democrats criticize Trump for not taking a tougher stance against Russian Federation.

The Texas senator's trip comes during a tense time for U.S. -Russia relations.

It was "opposition research", Trump said, not collusion.

Putin said he would be happy to meet Trump in Washington or Moscow, but the White House has since said the meeting will be postponed to 2019.

"I am one who believes in more engagement, that we need to have more cultural exchange, more exchange between our legislative bodies, more open lines of communication", Paul said.

"It does not mean that we have no differences, it does not mean that we will not, on occasion, have discussions back and forth where we disagree". He's also the individual that fellow Republicans met with during their recent trip to Moscow on July 4 of this year. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters earlier in the week that he wanted "a sanctions bill from hell".

"Of course, Mr. Paul is yet to discuss these ideas with his colleagues after returning to Washington", Kosachyov said. "The biggest issue right now is no dialogue".

"They use the anti-Russian campaign purely for internal American purposes, the interests of the same elections campaign they are charging us with meddling in", Kosachev said.

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