Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Vermont Votes for the First-ever Openly Transgender Nominee for Governor

Vermont Votes for the First-ever Openly Transgender Nominee for Governor

Outside Vermont, though, she said she's happy to carry the standard as the candidate who, if elected, would be the nation's first transgender governor.

Vermont and three other states - Connecticut, Minnesota, and Wisconsin - were holding primaries Tuesday. They are not going to elect me because of the fact that I'm transgender - that's the reality", Hallquist said, adding: "Obviously, nationwide it's significant, the first transgender governor.

'And no one agrees with their friends all the time, but as our success shows we can make a lot of good progress when we have clear priorities and we pull in the same direction, ' Scott said.

While many transgender people eschew their name given at birth that they change upon transition, Hallquist has made David her middle name and comfortably speaks about her previous identity.

Still a few months from election day political handicappers rate the governor's race as solid Republican - meaning Hallquist has an uphill climb to victory in November.

Hallquist transitioned while heading the Vermont Electricity Coop, several years before launching her gubernatorial bid.

But she still faces an uphill battle in the general election, when she is projected to face Republican incumbent Phil Scott, who has been in office since 2016.

Hallquist has also said she 'would work toward universal primary care in Vermont and pursue a coalition of states to pursue a "Medicare for all" system'.

The restrictions, which Scott signed into law in April, came after the arrest of a teenager on charges he was plotting a school shooting.

The 62-year-old Hallquist is being supported by The Victory Fund, a political action committee that backs LGBTQ candidates across the country.

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