Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

38,500 Flee Hostilities in Syria's Idlib in 2 Weeks

38,500 Flee Hostilities in Syria's Idlib in 2 Weeks

Turkey said on Friday it was talking to all parties in the Syrian conflict to prevent a government offensive on Idlib ahead of talks between Russian and Turkish leaders, who support rival sides in the looming battle for the rebel-held region. "Every time it follows us, we escape a meter to the north and leave it up to God, where will we go?" he said. About 4,500 of them have returned to their homes following a slight calming, Moumtzis said, calling it a "barometer".

Germany has demanded Russian Federation use its influence over Syrian President Assad to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

According to the report, Turkey was represented by Ibrahim Kalin, Mr Erdogan's special adviser; Germany by its national security adviser John Hacker; France by Philipe Etienne, senior diplomatic counselor for French President Emmanuel Macron; and Russian Federation by Yuri Ushakov, senior adviser to Mr Putin.

Help us grow and continue telling Israel's story to the world. Most of the displaced headed toward the border with Turkey, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, packing already overcrowded camps there.

At least 33 people have been killed and 67 wounded in aerial and ground-based bombing, according to a partial United Nations toll from September 4-9. It said it was prepared to deliver emergency food assistance for up to 1 million people. It added that this includes running primary healthcare clinics and a maternity hospital, vaccination and food security programs, supporting a network of schools and carrying out child protection work.

Located near the Turkish border, Idlib is home to almost two million internally displaced people, who fled from other cities following attacks by the regime forces.

The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russian Federation met in Tehran on Friday but failed to agree on a ceasefire in Idlib.

Despite dire USA warnings and fears of a humanitarian disaster, the Trump administration has little leverage to stop Russia, Iran and Syria from pressing ahead with the Idlib offensive.

Cavusoglu on Friday said Turkey was ready to cooperate with anyone in the fight against terror groups in Syria, but criticised the Damascus regime for using the presence of jihadists groups to legitimise a possible operation in Idlib.

U.N. officials have notified Russia, Turkey and the United States of the Global Positioning System coordinates of 235 schools, hospitals and other civilian sites in the Syrian province of Idlib, in the hope the move will help protect them from being attacked. It said a military offensive could trigger the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century.

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