Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Air Force: Space Force Would Cost US$13 Billion Over 5 Years

Air Force: Space Force Would Cost US$13 Billion Over 5 Years

The Sept. 14 memo talks about creating a "lethality focused organization that will field space superiority capabilities", with the focus being on "strategic competition with Russian Federation and China".

U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson wants to increase the service branch's size to a level not seen since the Cold War, and as part of that buildup she's also pushing the Air Force to buy faster and smarter.

The Air Force's estimate is contained in a September 14 memo from Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, who proposed that the Pentagon ask Congress for the authority and money to establish a Space Force headquarters in 2020.

The US Air Force desire to append more bombers, fighters, tankers and other firing line units by 2030 to encounter escalating threats from China and Russian Federation, high ranking officials said demarcating a manifesto for what the facility will require to battle and triumph subsequent squabbles.

Opening the Air Force Association's three-day annual conference on Monday at National Harbor in Maryland, Wilson said the service needs to grow to 386 operational squadrons by around 2025-2030, compared with the 312 it has today.

According to the memo, the plan would be to create a headquarters for the new Space Force by 2020 and have it fully operational by the following year.

The increase would bring the US Air Force to about 717,000 personnel, including the Guard and Reserve. The last time the USA created a new military service was in 1947 when the Air Force was established as an independent service.

Mr Trump last month signed a massive, £532billion ($716 billion) defence policy bill meant to help address shortcomings in the USA military, which is trying to shift its focus to challenges posed by countries like China and Russian Federation after almost 17 years fighting militants in places like Afghanistan.

"We have to be clear-eyed about the world in which we live".

"The Cold War was a bipolar world, " Wilson said.

The creation of the Space Force is far from a done deal. The administration is expected to submit proposed legislation early next year authorizing the establishment of a Space Force.

She added: "We also know that there will be a debate about what we can afford - and that's fair".

"But I think we have to be clear on what is needed to protect our vital national interest in this country", she said.

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