Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG sensor, larger display unveiled

Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG sensor, larger display unveiled

The new Apple Watch 4 has an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) feature that is "cleared" but not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That gives it a more profound goal, in Ive's vision, and sets it apart from other technology.

The trillion dollar company also revealed an upgraded version of its Watch during a launch event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Ive, like the former Apple CEO who was his close friend, speaks of Apple innovations with fervor. Notably, the Apple Watch Series 3 has received a price cut and is now available at $279.

Much of the attention and anticipation around the annual event is wrapped up in Apple's best-selling device, the iPhone. But the watch, which isn't even four years old yet, has established itself as a significant adjacent business.

The previous mode of the Apple Watch was already equipped with a heart rate monitor that tracks the wearer's usual heart rate during various states of activity and notifies them if something is off, given whatever activity they seem to be doing.

Apple Watch has managed to stay pretty prominent in the wearables industry throughout its lifetime.

Do you use an Apple Watch frequently? Another subtle change comes on the backside of the watch. You should also look into our list of the best Apple Watch bands and best Apple Watch Accessories.

The Galaxy Watch takes the traditional timepiece approach with a circular display, and this will likely be favorable to many people coming from mechanical watches. When it was introduced in 2015, the watch was pitched in part as a fashion accessory, and Vogue devoted a spread to it.

Besides from the health-orientated technology the new Series improves upon its fitness and workout features. This allows users to feel the menus as they scroll. Ive said he has read "thousands" of the letters and has used his watch in an emergency. "I think that it will also need the imprimatur of the patient's physician for that to happen, at least in the short term".

She added that doctor recommendations will be key in the Watch's early adoption as a health management tool and it is yet to be seen if Apple will shift its marketing and customer focus towards health systems.

The Series 4 ups the ante, however, with an electrocardiogram (ECG) - the first such over-the-counter device available to USA consumers. The haptic feedback is going to help Apple fans select UI options more accurately than usual. While previous models of the said smartwatch have included a built-in monitor to measure a person's heart rate, they all only perform the usual task of tracking the heart rate.

Studies - including one from Stanford University, which has now partnered with Apple for an ongoing heart study - have shown that the device is 98 percent accurate. You can check to see if anyone local or online has the Apple Watch 4 in stock, and then you can order one and possibly pick it up within an hour.

The colour combinations include navy blue/ivory/orange, pink/burgundy and a double strap version that features two shades of pink and burgundy.

A better-positioned microphone and speakers that are 50% louder will not only enhance the quality of phone calls but also the consumer's interaction with Siri.

But the watch still doesn't feel big, like the huge Samsung Gear S3 or various Google Wear watches. The new accelerometer has "fall detection", so it can tell if you have taken an accidental spill (be it by slipping on a banana peel or tripping over a curb). He added: "It addresses that functional imperative of being able to be in touch".

Still even with that potential, Suennen is a bit skeptical about whether the features announced by Apple has turned the trendy gizmo into a must-have medical device, especially at its high price point.

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