Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

BMW's autonomous R1200GS on video

BMW's autonomous R1200GS on video

When one thinks of autonomous driving, one typically thinks about cars. But what about motorcycles?

However, the company admitted that there are major challenges ahead, such as while a car's autonomous safety system can hit the brakes in an emergency without injuring the driver, that situation is completely different for a bike and its unrestrained rider. Part of the "ConnectedRide" program, the motorcycle starts its own engine, sets off, rides on its own without any assistance. Earlier, in 2017, Honda introduced a similar motorcycle with the Riding technology Honda Assist. As with the development of its autonomous motorcycles, BMW Motorrad here too has utilised synergies with BMW automobiles - this manufacturing process has already made its way into series production for various vehicles. The tech in the bike is being used to learn how to improve driving dynamics to detect unsafe situations earlier and to support the rider in taking appropriate measures to avoid harm. As you can see in the video below, it's equal parts impressive and spooky. In the midst of crisis, the motorcycle can possibly "inform, warn, or intervene directly".

Specifically, the technology could prove very useful at intersections or during hard braking events.

BMW has developed its own self-driving motorcycle

If you thought motorcycles were exempt from the onslaught of self-driving technology, you thought wrong. This will help them understand what kind of safety measures they should adopt for the future bikes.

To conclude, BMW Motorrad has demonstrated how the rapid pace of digitization will change the future of motorcycling. Who knows? There could eventually be a demand for self-riding bikes-though I don't see the purpose-but something something urban mobility.

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