Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
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Border Patrol agent suspected of killing 4 women

Border Patrol agent suspected of killing 4 women

The sheriff described the veteran Border Patrol agent as a "serial killer". The other two victims are an unidentified man and woman. The woman's mind lingered on Melissa. He fled the scene on foot and ran to a Ramada Inn, where he was found hiding in the bed of a pickup truck, Alaniz said.

We have agreed to work together on the hiring and professionalism of border patrol agents.

Juan David Ortiz, 35, ran from state troopers and was later found hiding in a lorry at a hotel vehicle park in Laredo on the southwest border with Mexico.

According to a criminal complaint filed on Saturday Ortiz, a married father of two, had confessed to killing four people between September...

But he had other confessions to make.

The man authorities arrested, Juan David Ortiz, might not have been caught if it were not for the fifth woman who escaped.

Accused serial killer was 10-year veteran of United States border patrol, and police say he may have claimed more victims. Police say all four were prostitutes.

One of them a transgender woman, Webb County-Zapata County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz was quoted by the AP as saying. He said authorities believe Ortiz was "profiling" and "hunting" certain types of victims.

Ortiz was arrested by police in the Texas city of Laredo. File pic
Image Ortiz was arrested by police in the Texas city of Laredo. File pic

"We do consider this to be a serial killer", Alaniz said.

Authorities learned Ortiz at a gasoline spot in Laredo, about 100 and sixty miles southwest of San Antonio. The first two were USA citizens, but Alaniz said authorities have not released details on the last two.

If it weren't for the woman who escaped, it's unclear whether the suspect would've been apprehended.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, whose Texas Rangers are investigating, did not return several messages seeking comment. In a statement, Customs and Border Protection said it was cooperating with investigators.

His statement added: "Our sincerest condolences go out to the victims' family and friends". Two of the four killings took assign in the hours after the girl used to be in a dispute to procure away but forward of police tracked him down, in accordance to the affidavit. She is reported to have suffered head trauma. A second victim, Claudine Anne Luera, was found alive but died at the hospital.

"Apparently, the suspect pulled out a gun on her, and she was able to escape", Cuellar said during Saturday's press conference.

On Friday, according to the affidavit, Ortiz picked up a woman named Erika Pena. He said all of the women worked as prostitutes. They discovered it behind gravel pits, near a single shell casing, the document says.

"The manner in which they were killed is similar in all the cases from the evidence", said Alaniz.

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