Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Canadian export Justin Bieber is applying for USA citizenship

Canadian export Justin Bieber is applying for USA citizenship

Justin Bieber is reportedly applying for dual U.S.

All that said, though, he's still got a massive mansion up in Ontario, and we know he has a deep love for everything Canada - including hockey! - so don't expect him to fully commit to the USA.

This might come as good news for the "Jailey" fans since it will sure deepen his bond with his love interest Baldwin, who lives in NY. He now splits his time between Los Angeles, New York and Ontario, where he recently bought a United States dollars 5 million estate.

In addition to his relationship with Baldwin, Bieber has strong connections to the United States: He's got a green card, spends most of his time in the country when he's not on tour and has been a longtime resident of Los Angeles.

File USCIS Form N-400, which is a formal request to start the naturalization process (costing $700). Earlier, the two were spotted visiting the courthouse where marriage licenses are issued.

According to the website, both showed up at the courthouse in NY on Thursday and beelined for the Marriage Bureau.

Eyewitnesses at the Marriage Bureau at the City Clerk's Office in the Big Apple told TMZ Bieber and his bride-to-be dropped several hints they were already married during their visit, and at one point an emotional Justin broke down in tears.

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