Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Elon Musk May Accompany Yusaku Maezawa on Lunar Trip!

Elon Musk May Accompany Yusaku Maezawa on Lunar Trip!

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will hitch the first SpaceX ride around the moon and plans to invite as many as eight artists to join him - with the rocket company's founder Elon Musk possibly signing up for the space flight. Yusaku hopes to hop on the rocket as early as 2023.

He called Maezawa "brave" and "an adventurer".

Maezawa said his team of artists will be recruited from around the world, adding, "If you should hear from me, please say yes and accept my invitation".

In an interview with the Observer, Maezawa said that while he'd always had a deep interest in art and fashion, he didn't start collecting until about 10 years ago. He allegedly has "booked all the seats" on the BFR. He plans to tie the journey to his hobby of art collection, and states that he plans to bring six to eight artists of varying disciplines along with him as part of a project called #dearMoon, a collaborative art project meant to inspire humanity for generations to come. "These masterpieces will inspire the dreamer within all of us", he told reporters.

However, he hasn't decided about which artists he would like to invite as he desires to represent different fields.

Soon, he started imagining if his other favourite artists, such as Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, John Lennon and Coco Chanel, were also given the same privilege. "What about Coco Chanel? There are far more renowned artists than I am", Markowsky said. Maezawa did not reveal how much he paid for the upcoming flight, but Musk confirmed Maezawa is "paying a very significant amount of money".

Musk has said he wants the BFR's vessel to be able to hold around 100 people, and that the launch system could one day be used to colonize the Moon and Mars in order to make humans a "multi-planetary" species. "He's legit." No specific type of training is decided for Maezawa yet.

In spite of revealing the new passenger, SpaceX has yet to launch anyone to space.

Now the Elon Musk show returned to the sprawling SpaceX headquarters outside Los Angeles, where the company will - whether intentionally or not - provide a prime-time diversion to the troubles surrounding its celebrity chief executive by providing details about its long-anticipated moon shot.

For the time being, Musk has made a decision to stick with the plan of launching the vehicle called Crew Dragon minus the passengers on board. The company then plans to fly the capsule with a two-person crew in the second quarter of 2019.

Musk, 47, made it clear before the private passenger event that crewed spaceflight for NASA remains SpaceX's top priority. Astronauts last visited the moon during NASA's Apollo program.

"I know that sounds insane, and we don't usually meet our time lines, but I wanted you to know at least order of magnitude, that's what we're thinking", Shotwell said. "After receiving some encouragement from Maezawa, Musk said he will possibly consider it".

In 2017, Musk stated, "We want to have one booster and ship that replaces Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon".

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