Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Ericsson and Industry Partners Advance 5G Commercial Readiness in North America

Ericsson and Industry Partners Advance 5G Commercial Readiness in North America

The press made it seem like T-Mobile gained ground on AT&T and Verizon in the 5G race, but 7 hours later, Verizon set the record straight by outlining its plan to launch 5G internet on october 1. Commercially available products: Ericsson Radio System AIR 5331 and the Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform, offer further validation of the supporting 5G ecosystem.

USA network carrier T-Mobile and networking and telecoms provider Ericsson have signed a multi-year contract worth £3.5 billion.

The contract also included access to a number of Ericsson's digital service solutions such as dynamic orchestration, business support systems (BSS) and Ericsson Cloud Core.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said that while the other guys just make promises, T-Mobile is putting its money where its mouth is.

T-Mobile and Ericsson have signed a $3.5 billion agreement to build out T-Mobile's 5G infrastructure.

As part the Nokia agreement, T-Mobile said it would use Nokia's 5G network technology including software, services and hardware. The commercial reality of next-generation mobile technology is close at hand and fast-moving operators in North America recognize the enormous business potential of industry digitalization. Telstra, which is hosting the event, claims to have its 5G network already up and running using 13 mobile towers in the Gold Coast, one in Toowoomba, and one in Brisbane, with 200 more to go live by year's end.

All four major United States operators have advanced 5G roadmaps with the first services due to go live later this year.

"We have recently chose to increase our investments in the United States to be closer to our leading customers and better support them with their accelerated 5G deployments; thereby bringing 5G to life for consumers and enterprises across the country", added Niklas Heuveldop, Ericsson's North American chief. Crucial to AT&T's rapid deployment plans is the use of key 5G technologies using millimeter wave spectrum to serve the connectivity needs of those in dense urban environments.

The Ericsson agreement is the company's second recent multi-billion dollar 5G deal.

T-Mobile had signed a similar contract worth $3.5 billion with Nokia in July this year.

Both European vendors have undoubtedly benefited from the USA clampdown on Chinese rivals Huawei Technologies Co. The three companies are now in the last phase of testing 5G network equipment from suppliers Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei, and they are expected to announce their choices this month.

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