Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Everything You Need to Know about the iPhone XS in 1 Minute

Everything You Need to Know about the iPhone XS in 1 Minute

But, Android fan or not, there's plenty of reason to care about Apple's latest smartphones since the company tends to set trends, like the polarizing notch on the top of many flagship displays in 2018. An electronic heart sensor approved by the Food and Drug administration is the crown jewel of the new watch, which would send alerts if the wearer's heart rate fell too low, or if it became irregular.

The iPhone XS Max will cost about $1,100, topping the iPhone X, which at $1,000 seemed jaw-dropping at the time.

Apple's newly-launched iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone XR are out and so are the smartphone technological advancements that the company was perfecting since past one year.

The new Smart HDR capabilities promise zero shutter lag and well-preserved details for both the subject and the background, and the portrait mode now allows the bokeh to be adjusted even after the picture has been shot to find the right level of background blurriness you want.

Enthusiasts were overly excited by the leaks and rumours of the budget iPhone which was expected to be launched at a much cheaper price as compared to other models. And don't miss out on the first benchmarks, which reveal the RAM capacities (something that Apple traditionally omits from official info).

Sam's Club is pitching the offer, which only runs between September 21 and September 23, as a way to save some cash on the iPhone Xs line. The iPhone Xs starts at $999 for the 64GB variant and the iPhone Xs Max starts at $1099 for similar storage.

Are you thinking about picking up a new iPhone?

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS are already up for pre-orders.

Sam's Club is offering a $100 gift card to members who purchase an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max next week. The 512GB version of the iPhone XS will be available at a price of Rs 1,34,900. But unless you're using your camera's zoom a lot, the iPhone XR camera experience will be almost identical to that on the iPhone XS. We have listed all of them below.

However, out of warranty screen fix will now drop to £166.40 on Plus models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, compared to £176.44 previous year. You're leasing it and, if you continue to upgrade each year after 12 months, you never really pay down the full cost, which would otherwise take two years.

That means all three iPhones get the same software updates straight from Apple, the same App Store, and the same great security and privacy features.

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