Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Here's When You Can Pre-Order Your New iPhone From Telstra

Here's When You Can Pre-Order Your New iPhone From Telstra

Highly anticipated: Apple's flagship devices might be getting more expensive every year, but the company hasn't given up on those with limited budgets.

But it's still too early to assess the impact of the most significant addition to the new devices - eSIM technology.

Apple aficionados in the Middle East will not have long to wait before they get their hands on what the company are calling the "most handsome and advanced" iPhones. Trying them just after listening to the iPhone XS Max, they don't seem to have the insane, nearly room-filling stereo separation that the Max's speakers do. Even the "affordable" model will likely be out of reach for many. Apple's brought back the "S" model, which means this model looks largely the same as the X from a year ago, but the guts of the phone have been beefed up in all the ways you'd expect. Max has a starting price of $1,099.

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The iPhone Xs Max, pronounced like "tennis max", might just as well be read as "excess max".

Moving to the camera, both the iPhones will have two 12-MP cameras one of which will be a telephoto lens and the other will be a wide-angle lens.

Executives spent a lot of time boasting about the A12 Bionic chip that powers the new phones.

It's supposed to speed up your whole phone (like opening your camera app or typing on the keyboard).

That brings me to pricing, a real issue when it comes to the iPhone XR.

For those of us not planning on an National Basketball Association career, it might seem a mere parlor trick. Of it, we have this really cool video about "experimental shots".

The biggest news for most smartphone users was the announcement of the new phone's dual-Sim capability, meaning users will have access to two phone numbers on the same iPhone at the same time. Yes, it's wider and thinner and has a rotating crown with haptic feedback, so it seems to "click" as you turn it. Fine. But I still don't need a smart watch. Additionally you have the data from the optical heart sensor plus new accelerometer and gyroscope which can detect the wearer has fallen and emit an emergency SoS. The screen supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, which help lead to "60 per cent better dynamic range", whatever that means to a human with eyes. It's Life Alert without the panic button. It's to be noted that this will beg some questions on how the feature will be implemented in other regions, as using and advertising such medical monitoring features might be disallowed if you don't have regulatory approval.

Prior generations of the Apple watch used a variation of an Imagination SGX core. It also has the first wrist-mounted electrocardiogram device to win approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

But it won't just be iPhones, as the fourth series of the popular Apple Watch is also set to be unveiled at the September 12 keynote.

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