Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

In the hands of serpentbloom Virginia was a rare two-headed snake

In the hands of serpentbloom Virginia was a rare two-headed snake

Two headed snakes are rare and have a ten-million-to-one chance of survival after birth and can even turn on themselves.

In the American state of Virginia in Woodbridge, the locals in the backyard of his home discovered an unusual snake.

The photos and video of the snake went viral after Virginia Wildlife Management and Control shared them on Facebook earlier this month. According to the detected anatomical features, it would be logical that food got to the right head, not the left, but in fact it is not, because we caught the snake left head is dominant: it is right to actively react to various stimuli.

He said the person who found the snake asked that their name not be released.

Herpetologist John Kleopfer said "bicephalic", meaning two-headed, snakes were rarely seen in the wild due to their short life expectancies.

For now, the snake will remain with the state herpetologist.

According to him, the wild two-headed snake is extremely rare to come across and survive in the wild.

"Absolutely not a fake!"

Holy snakes! A Woodbridge, Virginia resident found a rare 2-headed copperhead in the backyard last weekend. "We assure you, it's very real and was shedding its skin", the department told the newspaper.

So, it turns out two heads aren't better than one in the case of this very rare, very creepy two-headed snake.

Two heads are better than one, and, in this case, more and more poisonous.

The magazine said two-head snakes develop similarly to Siamese twins when an embryo does not properly split into two.

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