Published: Sat, September 22, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

IPhone XS teardown reveals not much has changed inside... except the battery

IPhone XS teardown reveals not much has changed inside... except the battery

Here, the iPhone X stacked on top of the XS and XS Max. In other words, it's iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 launch day.

Apple still claims that the iPhone XS still manages to get 30 minutes more battery life than the iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max, however, retains the dual-battery design and has more capacity to boot with a combined 3,179 mAh, which Apple claims gets an hour and a half more battery life than the iPhone X.

Interestingly, while the original iPhone X and super-sized iPhone XS Max both succumbed to gruesome shattering in the 10-foot drop test, Apple's iPhone XS - built of the same materials, mind you - managed to survive the fall.

There was one thing Apple forgot to mention about the new camera: all that 32% had to go somewhere, and it turns out the camera bump had to grow a little-your iPhone X case may not fit your iPhone XS.

Apple fans in Singapore waiting in line for the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max had a pleasant surprise on Thursday night (20 September) after they received free powerbanks from one of Apple's competitors, Huawei. There's something about the way the two curved edges meet on each side of the Note 9 that, by itself isn't noticeable, but when holding the iPhone XS Max at the same time, just feels weird. Another woman in the same line, Eli Di Lauro, who lives in the United Kingdom capital, said the larger size of the XS Max model was the biggest appeal for an upgrade.

The teardown experts at iFixit have disassembled the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max in a new side-by-side comparison.

"I bought the iPhone X previous year, but I took it back the next day and stuck with my iPhone 7 Plus", she said.

Waiting times are shorter than past year when the iPhone X went on sale. "Rather than using two cells to fill this L-shaped recess, Apple has constructed an all-new single-cell battery". "I'm not gonna jump out of the queue to buy a Huawei phone, but it (the effort by Huawei) is still good", Shah said.

The cheaper iPhone XR will be available for pre-orders in Singapore on 19 October and will begin sales on 26 October.

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