Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
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'I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone'

'I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone'

"We believe in his nomination". "And we won't stand for Senate Republicans' despicable attempts to strong-arm a sexual assault survivor".

Any new nominee to the Supreme Court will likely not be confirmed in time for the November 6 USA midterm elections.

Trump also called Kavanaugh a "high quality person" and argued that Democrats are "playing a con game". "I am with him all the way", Trump said on September 24, after arriving in NY to attend the United Nations General Assembly. "I knew that's not what I wanted, even in that state of mind".

Even before the latest turns, the carefully negotiated hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee with Kavanaugh and Ford carried echoes of the Anita Hill hearings in 1991. "Again, the president's been clear, let them speak but let's let Brett Kavanaugh speak and let's let him tell his side of the story before we allow allegations to determine his entire future", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday when asked if the president wants Ramirez to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"While I am frightened, please know, my fear will not hold me back from testifying and you will be provided with answers to all of your questions", Ford wrote. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

His defense of Judge Kavanaugh comes two days before he and his first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are slated to testify - she to accuse him of an attempted sexual assault at a high school party, and he to vociferously deny the allegation.

In comments to reporters following a speech at the United Nations, Trump took aim at Deborah Ramirez, a classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale University, who told the New Yorker magazine that said he exposed himself to her at a party when they were both first-year students.

Kavanaugh told Fox News he was not present at a party like the one described by Ford and noted that others Ford said were at the gathering had no recollection of it. "I am not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps Dr. Ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone at some place but what I know is I've never sexually assaulted anyone". "I want a fair process where I can defend my integrity and I know I'm telling the truth".

Kavanaugh said he wouldn't "let false accusations" drive him out of the Supreme Court nomination process, but Kimmel says he has another gig in mind for the judge.

The second accusation against Kavanaugh was reported by the New Yorker and dates to the 1983-84 academic school year, when Kavanaugh was a freshman at Yale. Jeff Flake, a Republican on the committee, has expressed concerns over the sexual assault allegations.

No. 2 Senate Democratic leader Richard Durbin of IL said by detailing the alleged 1980s incident when she and Kavanaugh were high schoolers, Ford exposed herself to ridicule and attack "even by the president of the United States in his tweets". About 63 percent of sexual assaults in the USA are not reported to the police.

His tweets sparked the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport, in which survivors of sexual assault explained why they didn't report their attacks. Many called out Trump, as well as some Senate Republicans who have questioned the women's accounts.

"They were not", Schumer said.

"I am over the boys' club".

"Mr. Kavanaugh's actions, while many years ago, were serious and have had a lasting impact on my life", Ford wrote in the letter.

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