Published: Mon, September 24, 2018
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Jewish Labour MP Condemns Jeremy Corbyn Over Anti-Semitism Row

Jewish Labour MP Condemns Jeremy Corbyn Over Anti-Semitism Row

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the country "could well be looking towards a general election" as his party kicks off its annual conference today.

Jeremy Corbyn revealed that party members will vote on Tuesday on whether to push for a new vote.

"We believe general election is the best solution because people can then have a wide-ranging debate and also then choose the team that would then do the negotiations".

"Addressing attendees at a fringe event during the 2018 Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, Mr McDonnell said: "[The Government] will probably put the deal to the vote in some form.

A spokesman for Momentum, the left-wing activist group supportive of Mr Corbyn, said: "While the Democracy Review has passed it is only a meagre set of reforms, falling well short of what the members want with many key proposals being watered down or blocked".

The Labour Party features on numerous front pages on Monday as politics dominates the headlines.

The result is far from a commitment from the leadership to back a second referendum, but nevertheless it represents a victory for campaigners and indicates Mr Corbyn is prepared to listen to party members.

Corbyn has long said that a "People's Vote" is not off the table for his party, and a source close to the leadership urged caution over an as-yet unknown motion, repeating the Labour leader's stance that he does not support a second referendum.

After weeks of both European Union and British officials making positive noises about the prospects of clinching a divorce deal and one on a future trading relationship, the mood turned sour on Thursday in Salzburg, Austria when European Union leaders came out, one by one, to criticize "Chequers" as unrealistic.

Labour MP David Lammy said it would be "farcical" to offer a referendum between "no deal or a bad deal".

May's Conservative Party criticised Corbyn for his move. He said that no option had been ruled out.

"Get behind the party that made you, and join the rest of this movement in fighting to get rid of this rotten government, to give our country the fresh start it needs and make Jeremy Corbyn the people's prime minister".

I think there's the real risk of that.

With over half a million people on its books Labour has one of the most representative memberships in United Kingdom politics, and according to recent polls, some 85 per cent of them back a vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

"My big worry is that if we go for a referendum which is seen as just a simple re-run we could divide the country again, we could get nearly the same result or if it's slightly different than people demand another referendum".

He added: 'That is what happens when you return the party to the members'.

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