Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Nintendo Switch games just got a huge advantage for multi-console owners

Nintendo Switch games just got a huge advantage for multi-console owners

Switch firmware version 6.0.0, which is necessary to use the new Switch Online service, introduces the ability to associate "non-primary consoles" with your Nintendo Account (in addition to the "primary console" where you first used the account).

Also similar to how it works on the PS4, you can only be playing games on one console at a time. Only the person who purchased the digital content can start it on a non-primary console, and if your Nintendo Account is used to access content on any other Switch, your gameplay on the non-primary console will be paused as well.

The subscriptions cost $4 / £3.50 for one month, $8 / £7 for three months, and $20 / £18 for 12 months-which you can pay for with My Nintendo points if you prefer. You can then login with other consoles which can also download the digital games linked to that account but they must have a stable internet connection.

It's a fantastic bit of kit straight out the box, but casual users - or those not consistently plugged-in to all things Nintendo - might not be aware of some of the extra stuff their Switches are capable of, from beefing up system security to making games load much faster. And it's great to see that Nintendo is finally adding support for more titles.

A family membership is also available for $34.99 Dollars that allows up to eight Nintendo Account holders to access Nintendo's new service.

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