Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Olivia Munn Praises ‘Jane Doe’ in ‘Predator’ Scandal for Coming Forward

Olivia Munn Praises ‘Jane Doe’ in ‘Predator’ Scandal for Coming Forward

The "Jane Doe" victim of The Predator sex offender actor has officially spoken out, saying that she has "no shame for what was done" to her. In 2010, Wilder pleaded guilty to two felonies - risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer - and ultimately served six months in prison.

Actress Olivia Munn claimed that cast and crew gave her the cold shoulder following her protest out of fear it would bring down the movie.

Boyd Holbrook said in an Instagram post Tuesday that he was "proud of Olivia for the way that she handled a hard and alarming situation, and I am grateful that Fox took the information seriously and took action swiftly".

She continues, "I was not able to speak for myself when I was 14". I take full responsibility. "In turn she stood for all who have suffered like I have", she wrote.

"I've been so blown away by the response from social media, fans, news, blogs", explained Munn in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "This discomfort is nothing compared to the psychological and physical suffering of those who have dealt with it", she said. The consequences of this abuse are profound and permanent for some.

While watching The Predator, did it feel like a smoothly finished product, or do you feel that it was easy to spot where edits and reshoots took place? You lose trust in everyone around you, and mainly yourself. Your abuse does not define you. The Washington Post generally does not identify victims of sexual crimes, but Carnes said, in a statement provided to the L.A. Times, that she is speaking out to "reclaim" her identity.

I hope anyone who has suffered like I have regains their voice and their humanity.

Support can come in many forms.

Munn said this week that she felt a lack of support from her costars in The Predator after speaking out against Striegel, and some of the actors pulled out of press obligations at the Toronto International Film Festival due to their discomfort over questioning about the story. I am extremely fortunate to have a Father and Mother that love me unconditionally.

I think an apology has to happen privately not just publicly, and I believe in his apology he said he apologized to people past and present that he's put in that situation, and I believe that would be me, but I didn't get that apology, I had to read about it online with everyone else.

Munn talked about the controversy earlier this week on Ellen. And I failed. And I may have caused.I did cause pain to people in the cast.

Black, clearly upset about the reach of the scandal, said, "It really bothers me that this movie, which could have been these lovely people on a handsome night with only this, has been overshadowed in some ways by a stupid decision that I made". "I don't want this career". "I'm very deeply sorry", he told the Associated Press at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, one she said was made to "reclaim [her] identity", Carnes thanked her parents for their support, adding, "I am also eternally grateful for Olivia Munn's action".

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