Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Pressure problem: 30 passengers fall ill on India flight

Pressure problem: 30 passengers fall ill on India flight

According to reports, 30 out of 166 passengers experienced nose ear bleeding while some others complained of a headache.

Jet Airways confirmed that the plane was turned back due to "loss in cabin pressure" and said that all people on board were "deplaned safely" and escorted to the terminal.

The aviation ministry has said the cockpit crew has been taken off duty pending investigation.

Narrating the horrific incident, a passenger, Darshak Hathi, said, "After we took off the AC malfunctioned, then air pressure system malfunctioned too and oxygen masks came out".

Left with no options, the Jet Airways had to return to its origin as one passenger needed to be hospitalised.

The carrier is among those struggling to make money in the Indian market, where competition has driven fares below cost.

In another incident, three passengers, who complained about mosquitoes in an IndiGo flight from Delhi in April this year would be paid Rs 40,000 each.

According to Flight Radar 24 website, the Boeing 737 aircraft had climbed upto 10,000 feet and was close to Surat when pilots chose to return to Mumbai.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which regulates civil aviation in India, has taken both pilots off duty. Doctors are now attending all the passengers on the Mumbai airport.

"During climb, the crew forgot to select bleed switch due to which cabin pressurisation could not be maintained".

Another Twitter user, Melissa Tixeira, posted a video of the purported aircraft after it landed. Some of them had nose and ear bleeding. The airline said it will arrange alternate flights for the passengers.

The incident took place onboard the flight 9W 119, a Boeing 777 that had 324 passengers and 14 crew members onboard. Thirty of them suffered injuries, of which five were admitted to Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai.

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