Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
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This is the one royal rule Meghan Markle really doesn't understand

This is the one royal rule Meghan Markle really doesn't understand

It's been more than three months since Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, but the Meghan Markle effect isn't going anywhere, at least, according to ASOS's recent sales. The British retailer told Bustle that the 37-year-old is inspiring a huge rise in women's tailoring, and there are the numbers to prove it.

"It was very wearing on her", the insider continued.

"She has found certain rules in the royal household hard to understand, like the fact that the queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits, and is often asking Harry why things have to be done in a certain way".

What do you expect from a woman who literally starred on a show named Suits?

Luckily Meghan has found comfort in her new family, and focusing on her upcoming tour in Australia.

"The beginning of marriages are not that easy, but to have that impetus of your own family being disloyal is terrible and embarrassing", the source said.

Speaking to the Sun, Samantha said: "Hollywood has changed her".

"They're so affectionate and the last thing I'd want to do is prevent that happening because she has a red lip on". "I am not surprised Trump said he could shoot someone and still get votes".

Meghan Markle has developed a strained relationship with the paternal side of her family after she married Prince Harry (pictured) in May.

There were reports recently that the next in line to the throne was locked in arguments with his sons Prince Wiliiam and Prince Harry but the source strongly denies this to be the case and says that the Prince is "closer than ever" to his sons.

As for her British-based friends, it's believed she's trying to forge bonds with Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham.

And while she has lost a lot of friends, at least she has gained a very loving husband! The Duchess received a deluge of well wishes - and as is proper etiquette, she had thank you cards sent in response.

In particular, since she's been betrayed so consistently by her father Thomas Sr, half brother Thomas Jr and half sister Samantha Grant, she feels she can only trust her mother Doria Ragland, who is spending an increasing amount of time in London to support her daughter.

"It's this shutdown mechanism she has". I think she's under too much pressure. "She's made her decision and that's it", she said.

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