Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
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Times North West Was Kim Kardashian's Mini-Me

Times North West Was Kim Kardashian's Mini-Me

Then they'll get used to it and they'll be like, "Oh, it's normal" Kim exclaimed to her family members. "I would recommend it for anyone".

Giving Chicago a middle name isn't the only baby naming rule she broke.

The reality TV star was not impressed.

The mother of three then went on to share that she and Kanye also considered "Zodiac signs and biblical names" for instance 'Aaron and Abel'.

"It's insane how ... instantly when the baby came out, there was no weird feeling that I was so nervous about, [like] 'am I gonna feel the same way?'" Kim tells the camera. "The name Chicago.everyone asks me where we came up with that and Kanye's originally from Chicago and the city is really connected to his memory of his mom and, so, we went with Chicago". Shortly before Chicago's birth, Kim's surrogate had a "bad night", so they met up at the doctor's office to check on the baby.

"I got the most ridiculous ideas, like "Queen" and "Vuitton" and "This.' Kanye's cousin is like, "Miracle, ' and I'm like, 'Miracle West"?!"

Kim announced Chicago's name on her Twitter. I have thought this over long and hard and I've decided what I want to do.

Things have been awkward between Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, ever since that awkward Christmas card photoshoot.

She said: "It's insane how professional surrogacy is and how instantly, when the baby came out, there was no weird feeling that I was so nervous about". "Mason goes, 'What? I thought you were gonna say Emily or something.'" Oh, Mason - with names like North and Saint to live up to, obviously something more interesting than "Emily" was coming down the pike.

"God forbid, were to happen, I know my daughter is in the best of hands no matter who her legal guardian is".

A source told the latest issue of America's OK! magazine: "Kim's involving her daughter in every step of the process, from how the dolls look to their clothing".

"Don't tell me you know it too", Kim demanded to Khloe who tried to jump in line with the performers. "I am just so excited to have this addition to my family".

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