Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Burger King: New Halloween-themed sandwich clinically proven to induce nightmares

Burger King: New Halloween-themed sandwich clinically proven to induce nightmares

Freddy Krueger did wear a chef's hat in one of his many incarnations, and now we might know which kitchen he was cooking in, as Burger King proudly presents this year's Halloween burger: the Nightmare King. But be warned, this burger doesn't just look scary.

Burger King is also offering the ideal spooky drink to help wash down the nightmare burger. That's according to the results of a "clinical study", the statement said. Those are available now, but if you're not particularly concerned with waking up in a sweat or your blood sugar, wait until the Nightmare King makes its public debut on Monday, October 22nd, so you can terrify your digestive system into ruining a good night's rest. Who knew that a burger could actually cause nightmares? "So, the BURGER KING® brand turned to science to validate this".

A new ad shows participants hooked up to sleep monitoring machines after eating the burger.

Burger King's latest concoction is the stuff of dreams - or nightmares.

The restaurant chain is releasing its "Nightmare King" next week.

Another participant said aliens started attacking the boat he was on during his bad dream.

Medina attributes the effect to a combination of proteins and cheese, but needless to say, it's possible that any burger eaten before bedtime could have similar effects.

Maybe not, according to LiveScience.

The fast-food giant released a burger with chicken, bacon, cheese, and, because it's apparently spooky, a dark green bun, in time for us to celebrate Halloween.

The current Nightmare King campaign also tries to tie into data and pop culture, leveraging found footage-style video to document the ostensible research the brand conducted to inform the menu offering.

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