Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Delhi Air Quality Worsens, Gradually Inching Towards "Severe" Category

Delhi Air Quality Worsens, Gradually Inching Towards

New Delhi can expect an increase in air pollutants after November.

However, this year, Nasa's satellite images show a significant decline in the number of stubble burning instances in Punjab and Haryana.

The study also found that people exposed to both air pollution and noise are at highest risk of heart attack.

The CPCB recorded the overall Air Quality Index of Delhi at 361 on Friday evening, which falls in the "very poor" category.

India's capital was covered in a blanket of choking grey air and pollution on Saturday, with government data showing air quality slumping to "severe" or "very poor" levels in nearly all parts of Delhi.

A PM2.5 pollution score is used to measure the amount of tiny particulate matter which can dangerously clog lungs. It also recommended people to go for shorter walks instead of jogs, keeping windows closed and wearing masks while stepping outside.

The World Health Organisation, says it is working out strategies to better combat air pollution and its effect on health, as it now causes over seven million deaths globally every year. The task force said that at the beginning of November the situation may further deteriorate on account of localised emissions during festivals and the regional contribution due to stubble burning. As per the Air Quality Index (AQI), prolonged exposure to very poor air can result in "respiratory illness" and "poor" air can cause "breathing discomfort to most people". But experts say the data does not suggest that New Delhi's air quality has improved, but rather that more Indian cities' air has worsened. They have been ignoring the government warnings of a penalty saying they can't afford to buy harvesting machines costing up to 50,000 rupees ($675) apiece.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to impose a complete ban on firecrackers, but ruled that there will be no online sale of crackers.

The court earlier this week ordered that firecrackers could be burst between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on the festival night on November 7 and could not be sold online.

Up to 33 million visits to A&E for asthma worldwide may be triggered by breathing in air polluted by ozone or fine particulate matter, the researchers said.

Authorities also are trying to lower the amount of dust in the air by sprinkling water in many neighbourhoods and ordering builders to cover construction sites. The carbon-laden smoke from the region enters Delhi with the wind.

The government has banned diesel vehicles that are more than 10 years old'.

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