Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against Trump

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against Trump

Ms Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti raised a national profile from his public battle with Trump and is even considering a 2020 presidential bid.

In his ruling, Judge S. James Otero said Trump's tweet was protected by freedom of speech. "The First Amendment protects this type of rhetorical statement", Otero wrote.

Daniels is also suing Trump in Los Angeles Superior Court over a nondisclosure agreement, which was meant to prevent her from discussing her claim of a 2006 affair with Trump, saying it's invalid because the president never signed it. Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels.

Mr Trump responded by dismissing her claims in a tweet, saying: "A sketch years later about a non-existent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!" He retweeted a side-by-side photo comparing the sketch with a photo of Daniels' husband.

Daniels alleges she had an affair with President Trump (seen above in Georgia on Monday) in 2006 and sued him in April.

Ms Daniels lawyer, Mr Avenatti said: "Daniels' other claims against Trump and Cohen proceed unaffected".

In dismissing the suit, the judge said Mr. Trump's tweet was a "hyperbolic statement" against a political adversary. The ruling ordered Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay Trump's legal fees. "Harder's release because it is as deceptive as his claims about the inauguration attendance", he told Law&Crime in a statement.

"We will appeal the dismissal of the defamation case of action and are confident in a reversal".

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit against Trump, orders her to pay legal fees

Donald Trump's tweets can sometimes move markets, antagonize domestic rivals and worldwide allies and put the spotlight on friends and foes but turns out today that the social media platform cannot keep the President in court with Stormy Daniels.

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels in which she claimed that President Donald Trump defamed her when he suggested her allegation that she was threatened to stay quiet about their relationship was a lie.

Daniels' lawsuit over a hush-money deal is pending.

Upon unveiling the sketch, Stormy's lawyer, Avenatti, said they would pay a $100,000 reward for the identity of the man, and asked for tips to be sent to

Yesterday's decision was a relief to Trump's elated attorney Charles Harbour, who cheered the ruling.

In an interview with CBS News earlier this year, Stormy Daniels said a stranger approached her while she was with her young daughter and threatened her.

The judge said that Trump and his team have 14 days to file a motion to seek said fees.

Cohen pleaded guilty last August to campaign finance violations for arranging payments both to Daniels and to a former Playboy model to influence the election.

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