Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus battled cancer with humour

Julia Louis-Dreyfus battled cancer with humour

"I'm here, and I know we have to get this cancer s- out of the way, so bring on the questions!" she joked during her appearance on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, referencing her recent battle. Louis-Dreyfus then used her story to show her support for affordable healthcare for all, saying that she would have been able to get well without it.

However, fewer episodes doesn't mean the season was any easier to shoot - in fact, for Louis-Dreyfus, it was one of the most harrowing because she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer right before filming was scheduled to begin.

The 57-year-old actress admitted she would have usually dealt with her medical situation in private, but because work on "Veep" would have to be halted while she sought treatment, she went public with the news and made a decision to try and take a light-hearted approach to battling the disease. Louis-Dreyfus was cast at just 21, and though she's called her time on SNL "miserable", her career only went up after she left the show in 1985.

ET's Kristine Johnson spoke with the 57-year-old actress on the red carpet in NY, as Saks Fifth Avenue celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Key To The Cure, an annual charitable initiative to fight cancer, and she explained why she took her fight against cancer into the public spotlight.

During her tough journey, the 57-year old gave updates of her experience on social media. People liked that I had a sense of humor about it.

As she's done in the past, Louis-Dreyfus tied her fight against cancer with the fight for health insurance for all - which dovetailed into Kimmel's very public battle over health care when his newborn son needed heart surgery. "I believed it before, but now I really know it".

In the summer of 2018, Louis-Dreyfus began shooting the seventh and final season of "Veep." "Health care should be for all".

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