Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Panthers' Eric Reid blasts Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins over anthem protests

Panthers' Eric Reid blasts Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins over anthem protests

Before Sunday's match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles safety Eric Reid and Panthers safety Malcolm Jenkins got into a heated exchange spurred by the national anthem protests that ultimately required teammates and referees to separate the two.

Reid continued his protest, kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before Sunday's game.

But even after Reid called him a "sellout" for his work with the Players Coalition - suggesting that taking money from owners undercut the intent of Colin Kaepernick's protests of police brutality and racial inequality - Jenkins took the high road after yesterday's loss to the Panthers. Jenkins, who endorses the cause behind the protests, agreed to stop the on-field protests if the league would invest about $100 million into social justice causes.

Reid also wasn't happy Kaepernick was excluded from meetings on the issue.

Jenkins previous year co-founded the Players Coalition, a non-profit organisation governed by 12 National Football League players.

After the NFL agreed to donate almost $90 million to causes the coalition considered important, Jenkins stopped raising a fist of protest during the national anthem.

"I believe there's a lot of players who have stepped up for Colin", said Reid, who quit the coalition.

"He co-opted with the movement that was started by Colin to get his organization started".

Kaepernick also tweeted his support for Reid. "It was cowardly. He sold us out".

"I'm not going to get up here and say anything negative about that man", he told reporters.

It appears Reid is continuing to antagonize Jenkins and the Eagles, too. I think he deserves to have a job in this league, I'm glad that he does have one.

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