Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Android Will Soon Allow In-App Updates

Android Will Soon Allow In-App Updates

For those unfamiliar with this app, Files by Google allows Android users to free up space on their mobile devices by storing it in the cloud using Google Drive.

The new API will give developers the choice of letting an app lock users out while it installs updates or to let users continue using them as the update is downloaded and installed in the background. Along with users, App developers will also benefit from the latest In-app updates API. Google aims to support the new form factors in Android. Originally created to help Android users in certain countries that do not have a lot of storage on their mobile devices, the app was quickly adopted worldwide.

Talking about the recent updates, Android product management, and developer relations Stephanie Saad Cuthberston said, "This is something that developers have asked us for a long time is - say you own an app and you want to make sure the user is running the latest version". Immediate displays a full-screen message right when a player boots up an Android app that prompts them to update the app. The In-app Updates API is being tested with Android's early access partners, and will soon be distributed to all developers.

Google also provided some updates to Kotlin, which according to GitHub, is the fastest-growing language in terms of contributors.

Android device makers, led by Samsung, are expected to start releasing foldable phones next year.

Google's new contract for Android vendors that want its core apps aims to bring the industry in line with Samsung's security patching model.

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