Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Britain May Not Get Brexit Deal With EU - Trade Minister

Britain May Not Get Brexit Deal With EU - Trade Minister

Jo Johnson quit as transport minister on Friday, saying the public should be given the chance to vote again on whether they want to leave the European Union, and if so, whether whether they accept what is on offer or choose to leave without a deal.

"I mean volley to the left of the them, volley to right of them, and the Prime Minister charges on into the valley of death".

The prime minister is speculated to hold a Cabinet meeting next week to secure the support of her ministers over a Brexit deal she is negotiating with the EU.

This time, it is Jo Johnson, the secretary of State for transport and the younger brother of the former head of the diplomacy of Boris Johnson, who slams the door.

Many politicians are unhappy with her compromise plans to maintain the free trade of goods with the European Union, which they say will leave Britain subject to decisions in Brussels without any input.

The sterling which had traded as high as 1.3072 against the US Dollar slipped to 1.2969 at the NY close and to 0.8742 versus the euro having been as high as 0.8692, just two points above Thursday's six month sterling top of 0.8682.

Johnson, backed the Remain side during the referendum said it would be "a travesty" not to have a second referendum.

"It is a sad loss for Government, but Brexit is above party politics".

"There is a very important message in there to all Conservative members of Parliament, many of whom are appalled by what is happening but not saying what they think".

When May was presented with the alternate proposal, she told the ministers that their plan "was not needed yet" but it was greeted with a "surprisingly warm response" from Finance Minister Philip Hammond, the Sun said.

"Theresa May is in office, but not in power".

Downing Street said last night it would not agree to a second referendum vote under any circumstances and reiterated a promise not to sign the United Kingdom up to any deal which could return a hard border to Northern Ireland.

He told the Today programme: "My basic disagreement with Jo is about the need for a second referendum".

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