Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Caernarfon Town to host event with boxing star Tony Bellew next year

Caernarfon Town to host event with boxing star Tony Bellew next year

It doesn't matter who I fight, I train for every fight the same so the short notice doesn't change anything drastically in terms of our preparation.

Recall, the fight Alexander Usik - Tony Bellew will take place on Saturday 10 November in Manchester at the Manchester Arena.

"As we've seen Bellew can counter-punch and he's got a dirty left hook, and if he can land that I think he'll do well".

Impressive - and against the odds - as the wins over Haye were, Bellew admits Ukrainian Usyk (15-0, 11 KOs), 31, is his toughest challenge yet. But only for this moment, I am not thinking about anything. Bellew will be thinking, this is my fight, and I'm going to really go for it and have the best camp.

I don't think there will be an issue with Bellew coming down to the cruiserweight category after going up around a stone in weight against myself past year, he didn't bulk up and do a lot of bodybuilding.

"No disrespect to Gassiev because he's an excellent fighter but on that night he froze and he was a walking punch bag".

"First of all I have genuine punch power". "We can not forget the relationship between Bellew and the WBC". I wasn't good enough to win an Olympic gold - my style wasn't right - but I've stayed with it.

Hopefully, by rounds 7-12 you'd be putting the pressure and heat on him, if you get caught with a shot early, you're not going to leave yourself open to it again.

You know what, people are underestimating Bellew's boxing ability.

From the viewpoint of most others, this is a combination of seeing one of the pound-for-pound best show off his full arsenal on the biggest stage, and wondering whether Bellew can produce the most unlikely of upsets, one that would have a great effect on the boxing world in the Cruiser and Heavyweight divisions.

I don't want to say it will be his last fight, because he probably will have to defend them then, that would be incredible.

This will be the second time Bellew has fought for a cruiserweight world title, as he previously held the WBC crown after defeating Illunga Makabu in 2016. Book it online here.

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