Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Democrats Capture US House Majority, Republicans Retain Control of Senate

Democrats Capture US House Majority, Republicans Retain Control of Senate

Democratic incumbents also prevailed in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Midwestern states that Trump carried narrowly two years ago.

But it remains to be seen whether Democrats' rage will amount to the so-called "blue wave" they've anticipated for almost two years, or whether it's even enough to gain the 23 seats needed to eke out a Democratic majority in the House.

Democrats could derail Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years should they win control of the House or the Senate.

A simple House majority would be enough to impeach Trump if evidence surfaces he obstructed justice or that his 2016 campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

As for Republicans retaining control of the Senate, she called it "a huge moment and victory for the president".

The midterms have seen a number of firsts in USA politics.

"We will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can, stand our ground where we can't", Pelosi said.

"Tremendous success tonight", the president tweeted. He finished his final midterm campaign stretch on Monday with three rallies.

Historically, the party in power loses several seats during the first midterm election of a new president, particularly if his national job approval ratings are low.

Unless House Republicans can pressure enough moderate Democrats to vote with them, pro-life policy gains will again be limited to whatever changes to existing federal rules and regulations can be done by executive orders or directives to federal agencies.

US voters cast ballots on Tuesday to fill all 435 seats in the US House Representatives and approximately one-third of the 100-member US Senate in addition to other local and state offices.

While Sanders suggested Trump could blow off Pelosi in the wake of the midterms, she noted that the president is willing to work with whatever party ultimately ends up in power.

Pelosi has campaigned tirelessly this election season.

They also held on to competitive seats in Texas, where Senator Ted Cruz fended off Representative Beto O'Rourke, the well-financed liberal darling, and in Tennessee, where Representative Marsha Blackburn prevailed.

Many of the Democratic candidates have military backgrounds and emerged as formidable challengers, particularly in red-state districts where Republicans have dominated. Of the three races he targeted in the final day, the Republicans won all of them: Mike Braun defeated Democratic Sen. Democrats also captured governorships in MI and IL. The president urged supporters to "pretend" he was on the ballot.

Democrats claimed some high-profile victories, with former professional hockey player Colin Allred defeating Pete Sessions, the chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee and leading opponent of legalized marijuana, in suburban Dallas.

The loss of the House is a serious blow to Trump who must now brace for the novel experience of oversight from Capitol Hill with Democratic committee chairmen promising constraints on his power that the GOP never attempted.

A record number of candidates identifying as "LGBT" ran for office this election cycle, and several of them will soon take office.

Democrats regained control of the House, while the GOP maintained control of the Senate.

But nonetheless, Republicans have been bracing for a loss in the House, though they anticipate keeping ahold of the Senate.

Tuesday night's results are a much-needed win for the Democrats, who have struggled in recent midterm elections.

Investors often favor Washington gridlock because it preserves the status quo and reduces uncertainty, even though many investors this time around had been hoping for a continuation of the Republican agenda.

Individual races "will be close", she said, but because of the "quality of our candidates" and emphasis on preserving health care, "I feel confident we will win".

But a US Department of Homeland Security official said the reports of voting technology failures appeared so far to have had no significant impact in preventing people from voting.

According to The New York Times, amid signs that the nation's deep political and cultural divisions that lifted Trump in 2016 may only be deepening, "rural voters were breaking sharply" with their counterparts in the suburban districts and metropolitan areas, as turnout soared in a midterm election that came to serve as a national referendum on the president. "And no matter what the outcome, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, I think we can all agree that the big loser this year is all of our Thanksgiving dinners". In the last such congressional elections in 2014, there were 27.5 million early votes.

Health care was at the forefront of IN voters' minds, with nearly 3 IN 10 naming it as the most important issue facing the nation IN this year's midterm elections - including 30-year-old Cordell Chaney, who works at a Fort Wayne wire and cable products manufacturer.

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