Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

FA launches appeal after Jose Mourinho cleared of misconduct charge

FA launches appeal after Jose Mourinho cleared of misconduct charge

Television footage showed Mourinho saying something, apparently in his native Portuguese, while at one point looking into a camera, as he headed towards the tunnel after the final whistle of the 3-2 comeback win over Newcastle on October 6.

The FA announced yesterday that it had appealed against the commission's decision.

He will hope to feature for United when they tackle Manchester City this weekend in the Premier League derby clash.

Jose Mourinho is still facing a touchline ban - after the FA launched an appeal against his unproven misconduct charge.

This context is acknowledged in the written reasons for the Commission's decision to find the FA charge against the Manchester United manager not proven.

Now, however, the FA has made a decision to prolong the case with an appeal.

The written reasons also detail how the FA's linguistic expert Pedro Xavier says Mourinho twice used the phrase "Vós sois uns filhos da puta" - translating to "sons of a whore" and explaining that the phrase is, "highly offensive, especially if the people involved are not close". The words mouthed were a Portuguese colloquial profanity.

Mourinho used Simao Valente, an assistant professor at the University of Lisbon and expert in the Portuguese language.

"Do you understand Italian?" said Mourinho. Thus, the objective person would have had to lip read JM's mouth and interpret Portuguese colloquialisms to accurately decipher the comments.

Valente then argued that it was important to pay heed to the context within which the phrase was said.

The 29-year-old has found the net just four times in 27 appearances since joining United and has even been dropped on occasion by Jose Mourinho this season.

Mourinho accepted the words ascribed to him by the FA's expert witness, but claimed they were an "inwardly-directed expression of relief, happiness and determination".

"The United boss said "fodas filhos de puta", roughly translated as 'f*** off sons of b*****s" as he walked down the Old Trafford touchline following the win.

JM [Mourinho] was clearly celebrating it, without aiming the words at anyone in particular.

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